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Painted Lady Tattoo Parlor, a must visit if you want the best Tattoo

Tattoos have always fascinated me and thus, I have always searched for the top class tattoo parlor. Living in a state like Birmingham it was one of the worst jobs to be done. As you often come across many parlors that offers such services but the moment that you make up your mind you notice not only the ill management but also they do not have the required measurements to get the work done.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I have never got a chance to have a tattoo on my arm the most favorite place. However, I guess the fate was on my side and one when I was strolling with my friends I came across this amazing tattoo parlor.

Painted Lady Tattoo Parlor

The moment I stepped inside the parlor the soothing and calm environment grabbed by attention. Nothing seemed odd about the atmosphere as well as the staff was so humble and helpful. I asked the receptionist that I would like to meet with one of the best tattoo artists they had. You will not believe that I was amazed to find out that all of them were the professionals.

They were not working only because of the basis of the skills but they also had the complete knowledge of the art of tattoo making. This is one of the biggest reasons that I was not even a little bit afraid.


The most important thing to notice in the parlor is the setup and the equipment that they might be utilizing. Special rooms were dedicated to the artists and all of them add the professional tools to conduct the job. Apart from that, they had the high-quality sterilization devices to make sure that all is kept clean.

They had such a clean and well-managed interior that it seems like you have entered into a professional building.


What won my heart the most were their amazing services and some of them that you will enjoy are:

  • The rates for the formation of the tattoo depended on the size and the location and how many colors you want in it
  • In case that you are looking for a piercing specialist, you will find it in the Painted Lady Tattoo parlor as well
  • The rates of all the services that you might get from the parlor are affordable

Contact details

So if you are looking forward to visiting the parlor you can visit their office at 6 WEST HEATH ROAD, NORTHFIELD, BIRMINGHAM, B31 3TG. You can also contact them at:

  • 0121 6086086
  • Use their 1300 Number – 1300 885 775

Final verdict

So if want some hygienic as well as amazing services that go nowhere else apart from the painted lady tattoo parlor. All you have to do is let them know the design and it will be created on your desired location in a matter of seconds.